Scatter-slots: Tips and tricks

Scatter-slots features a never-ending list of slots machines that include fun bonus games, that might also come with free spins opportunities. As you might know, there are no strategies to be followed when playing scatter-slots, but a few tips and tricks can help you maximize the winnings. Here are some of them!

Unblock Both Bonus Reels

As you may have noticed, the main Scatter-slot reels are two locked reels. To get more out of the game you should try to unlock them as fast as possible. Each one adds another chance to match up gems on each spin, which will make a huge difference in your free payouts.

Play the Scatter-slot Bonus Game As Often As You Can

You get more free coins, the more you play Scatter-slot. So, I recommend you play the game as soon as you get up and open your app, no matter the way you log into it: by PC, laptop, tablet or phone. ‘t mean a big loss for your pockets. Even-more, you will have the chance to get back in the game right away with a small betting amount.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Bonuses

Whenever a seasonal bonus appears, don’t hesitate to play them! What is great with them is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to spend money. Just take advantage of your free spins! The more you play, the more you can upgrade points, gems, and VIP days. So take advantage and try your luck!

Complete the Daily Quest

This is a simple way to upgrade points, but it depends on your willingness to spend money. Although it may seem somewhat hard to do, following this “strategy” will help you upgrade points on a daily basis and it will help you on the long run.

Bet Small

e and play according to it. Bet small, even though it may prevent you from completing the main quest. Playing small amounts won’t make you frustrated if it happens you lose, and they can help you to hit 100 spins, trigger bonus games or free spins. If you bet small, it will help you reach your objective without a great risk.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks you can use! You will get to learn more as you play more and more.

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